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2020 AAADS Senior Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS!! On behalf of the African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAADS) department, the faculty and staff send our heartiest congratulations to all of you.

You have shown remarkable resilience and strength throughout your time here but especially in these last few weeks. We honor your extraordinary efforts and know this is simply the beginning of a life filled with singular accomplishments.

We, the AAADS faculty, are so proud of each of you. We join you and your families in celebrating your achievements on this joyous occasion.

With our warmest regards,
The Faculty and Staff of the African American and African Diaspora Studies department

Kevin Fellezs
Director of Undergraduate Studies

June 05, 2020

Awards and Honorees
Phi Beta Kappa
Andrew Wang
Departmental Honors
Andrew Wang, Marley McAliley
Honors Thesis
Bella Rideau, “The Innanets: Reimagining Spaces of ‘Liberation’ in the Digital Afterlife of Slavery”
Ella Baker Award
Bella Rideau
Ralphe Bunche Award
Alexis Turley-Young

2020 Senior Graduating Class

Daniel Igbokwe
Bella Rideau
Alexis Turley-Young
Andrew Wang
Michelle Bolt
Marley McAliley