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An image of black mena dn women waiting in line to be evaluated by a physician is ghosted over an X-ray of a pair of lungs; the words "infectious fear" appear at the top

Infectious Fear: politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of Segregation

Samuel K. Roberts
A profile view of the author, wearing glasses and a clerical collar, next to the book title, "The Universe Bends Toward Justice: Racial Reflections on the Bible, the Church, and the Body Politic

The Universe Bends Toward Justice: Radical Reflections on the Bible, the Church and the Body Politic

Obery M. Hendricks
A series of old, corbeled archways rendered in one-point perspective, with the words "Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route"

Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route

Saidiya V. Hartman
A boy nad girl stand idly by while a well-dressed woman walks up the steps into a mobile trailer; a banner hung from the side of the trailer reads: International Afro-American Museum, Entrance

Negro Building: Black Americans in the World of Fairs and Museums

Mabel O. Wilson